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Authorized person
Vegetable Originated Liquid Organic Fertilizer • Provides faster growth through the constituent amino acids and nitrogen • Offers better absorption rate of the nutrients • Improves plant’s resistance to stress • Inoculates the soil with beneficial micro-organisms • Provokes flowering and earliness • Improves the yield and the quality of the crop
WORMBOMB (Organic Liquid Worm Derivative )Vermicompost • Introduces a natural mixture of beneficial micro-organisms to the soil • Promotes nutrient uptake • Offers better root growth and development • Increases crop yield and crop quality • Improves crop tolerance to stress and root diseases • Rich in organic matter, organic carbon and humic-fulvic acids
BEREKET (Vegetal-origin Liquid Organic Fertilizer Containing Amino Acid) • Promotes fruitset • Helps maturation of the crops • Boosts efficiency • Improves the color, aroma and the taste of the products • Extends the shelf-life and storage period of the harvested product
SS SUPER IRON ● Iron intake is facilitated by bacteria in the product content, siderophore production, and calcium dissolving. In this way, it helps electron uptake and formation of chlorophyll in the event of photosynthesis. ● Iron deficiency due to some sensitive plants showing chlorosis, especially vineyard, citrus, and strawberry deficiency produces an effective solution to eliminating. ● With the production of organic acid and amino acid, it helps the plant to form a good root system. Through the good root system formed, it allows plants to make better use of nutrients in the soil. ● Convert the free nitrogen of the air into the form of nitrate and ammonium that plants can use. It helps to increase yield and crop quality by increasing the usefulness of phosphate in the soil.
SS SUPER ROOT It is highly effective in the formation of the capillary root system. With the production of organic acid and amino acid, it helps the plant to form a good root system. It allows the plant root areato go deeper and reach soil moisture. • Increased root surface area allows plants to make better use of macro and micronutrients in the soil. Itsaves fertilizer by decomposing the nutrients that are bound in the soil. • It provides a good vegetative development by converting the free nitrogen of the air into nitrate and ammonium form that plants can use, increasing the usefulness of other plant nutrients in the soil.
SS SUPER GREEN • Converts free nitrogen in air into nitrate and ammonium forms usable by plants. Ensures an economic fertilization. • Ensures solubility of phosphate in soil, thereby helps in enhancement of yield and product quality. • Beneficial and useful both in soil and on green components of plants. • Through organic acid, amino acid and hormone production, it helps plant in developing a good root system. • Via the resulting good root system, it enables plants to make better use of nutritional components in soil. • By reinforcing the systemic resistance mechanism of plants, it increases resistance of plants against negative environmental conditions.
FERTISOL( NK Fertilized Blended 15.0.5+(5MgO)+ME) • It is a 100% water-soluble microcrystalline product. • It is directed to the needs of each plant thanks to its macro-micro elements. Contains low urea, provides nitrate synthesis. • Fertisol content is especially formulated to quickly absorb nitrogen, potassium, magnesium and trace elements to the plant. Fast results are obtained with leaf applications. • Since Fertisol promotes photosynthesis activities, besides the development of shoots and flowers, it is very effective in fertilization thanks to its special formulation. • Takes part in hormone formation.
SS HERKUL (Mixture of Micronutrients) • SS HERKUL provides excellent absorption of micro elements thanks to its extraordinary formulation. • It is formed by special blending of boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc trace elements. What makes this product important is that it has a high EDTA chelated structure. • SS HERKUL has a special carrier structure that facilitates the transition from leaf surface into the plant and increases absorption at the cellular level with vascular tissue change. • Prevents plant nutrient deficiencies, corrects problems caused by deficiencies and eliminates yellowing. It is an effective product for removing iron deficiency, especially in plants grown in alkaline and pH-high soils. • It does not pose any problem as a result of its use by mixing with most plant protection products.
SS MICRO TRACE (Mixture of Micronutrients) • Thanks to our special production methods, that can be taken by plants. • SS MICRO TRACE is essential for healthy plant growth and development. Thanks to its specially blended and chelated micro elements, it plays a role in various metabolism activities of the plant. • Due to various factors in the soil, SS MICRO TRACE can be applied to the plant both from the leaf and from the soil with the correct combination in order to eliminate the lack of micro elements that may be unavailable to the plant. • Corrects the deficiencies seen as a result of deficiency and eliminates yellowing. It increases efficiency and quality.
SS BORON (Boron Etanol Amine) • It provides continuous division into the meristem. • It is the food source of the kernel. It provides cell division. • Necessary for healthy pollen formation and hormone synthesis.It affects the flower and fruit attitude. • Promotes the hormone auxin and cytokinin. • Takes part in protein formation and transportation in plants. • Helps transport and replace calcium.
SS STOMAFIX • Bacillus subtilis species of soil origin, which can produce organic acid and amino acid, are very effective in forming the root system of the plant. It allows the plant root area to go deeper and reach soil moisture. • Bacteria in the product content quickly settle and multiply when they find enough organic matter and moisture in the root and leaf area of the plant where they are applied. In this way, it increases the number of useful microorganisms in the application area. • By producing organic acid or amino acid, it converts the free nitrogen of the air into nitrate and ammonium form that plants can use, increasing the usefulness of other plant nutrients in the soil, providing good vegetative development. Accordingly, the yield and quality of the product increase. • It provides a positive balance of beneficial microorganisms on the leaf surface. Increases the content of chlorophyll and carotenoids by secondary metabolite activation.